short story

Businesses creates place tags with QR codes.

When you scan those codes with the app – you quasi “bookmark” those places.
Once a day, the app fetches all info from all places you visited and displays messages and alerts.

Because the “bookmarks” are only on your phone and there is no registration nor transmission of your identity, your privacy is strictly respected.


Install the app

Scan this tag by clicking on “+”

The example:
Joe Doe runs the sandwich bar “Eat at Joe”. He created a place tag and placed it on the door, on the bar and on every table. You visited “Eat at Joe” and scanned the tag. The next day you’ll receive a thank you message from Joe. He is very happy to have you as a customer. In a week, he wished you come back and send you a promotion with a coupon for a free beverage with every sandwich. In real life, if you like “Eat at Joe”, revisit him and use the coupon. If not, just block every message from “Eat at Joe”.

Once you learned how the Quovidis messages works, you can delete the example by deleting the place “Eat at Joe”

Long story

The business create a place tag

A business, like a bar, a hair dresser, a store, a taxi, create a place tag.

Place tags can be created also for events like a private party.

Before going out
Before going out

You install the app

Simply install the app

It's very lightweight.

The business display the QR codes

The business prints out the QR code tags and place them into the premise, on doors, tables, car windows, anywhere.

At the time of your visit
At the time of your visit

You scan the QR code

The app remembers the place you are just visiting. It's similar to bookmarking a website you are surfing on.

There is no need of a internet connection. The data stays on your phone. Nobody can know you are visiting this premise now.

It's 100% private

The business places messages

The business can create messages. It can inform you about events or specials. It can also just thank you for your visit or send you promotion info.

After your visit
After your visit

Stay informed

Once per day, the app fetches messages from the places you have visited and shows you only the relevant ones.

You can block messages from a place at any time if you feel annoyed.