Table of Contents

Register an account

To register an account you need:

  • a name
  • an email address

Those data are not displayed to visitors.

Please choose them wisely as you can't change them once you created the account.

Create a place

To use Quovidis, you must create at least one place.

A place can be a place in a real estate like a restaurant or a store, but can also be a moving place like a taxi or bus. For a large place, you can create several smaller places, e.g. each building on campus.

You will be able to send different messages for each place created.

Each place has:


  • ID
    This is internal and not visible to visitors
  • Name (mandatory)
    Select a name your visitors will recognize. Try to keep it short.
    Examples: „Eat at Joe“ or „Example University, Building 4“
  • Contact e-mail address (mandatory)
    This email is visible to your visitors. You can use the same or a different email for each place you create.
  • Contact phone number
    This phone number is visible to your visitors. You are free to enter the format you want, even to have multiple numbers.
    Examples: „155523456“,  „+41445551234“ or „Week: 0445551234 – Weekend 0445552234“
  • Website
    This link is visible to your visitors. Please precede with http:// or https:// (copy from a browser if unsure).  Please avoid entering more that one link.
    Example: „“
  • Full address
    This is the address displayed to your visitors. Please enter the full address including city and country if available. You can leave it empty if it’s a moving place like a taxi.
    Example: „14 Highstreet, 1111 Somecity, Switzerland“ or „200m from the bus station on the left, km 78, Bangui road“

Cover photo

This is the background of the header. Please choose a suitable format. Experiment until you find the best ratio.


Upload you logo


Create a tag to see the results. Then scan your tag with the app and see how it's displayed on a phone.