Make your visitors

100% anonymous


What is Quovidis?

Quovidis is a service that helps to keep your customer engaged after their visit by creating a 100% anonymous communication channel.

Create and display the Quovidis place tag on your entrance and encourage them to scan it. After their visit, send information about events, specials and promotions to encourage them to come back.

It’s a way to stay in contact with customers, without the need to make them subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social media.

What Businesses?

Please understand the term “businesses” in a broad sense. Quovidis is also suitable for non-profit organizations, public institutions and private persons.

Quovidis is perfectly suitable for (in no particular order) stores, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, museums, churches, libraries, taxis, buses, beaches, polling stations, larger private parties, night clubs, theaters, sports events,  festivals and many others.

why should we use quovidis?

Open a communication channel

Quovidis opens a direct communication channel with the visitors of your business.

It allows you to send messages to customers without having their email addresses or make them follow you on social media.

You can set messages to be read after a certain time, allowing you to kindly remind your customers to re-visit you, completely automatically.

Be on the list of places to go

With Quovidis, your visitors will have a handy list of places they’ve been, with email, phone, web and address, ready for the next visit.

Be sure to be on this list!

Your visitors can also share their places. Quovidis is suitable for returning or one time customers. Be sure to be bookmarked!

Try it first!

See how your visitor will experience Quovidis.

Testing Quovidis is simple:

  • open an account and print out one place tag
  • install the app and play a visitor by scanning the tag
  • add messages to see how your visitors will see them

Once you tested it, clean up the messages, print the tags and place them in your place. Inform your visitors about Quovidis and use your new communication channel.

Get your Quovidis place tag



The basic Quovidis service, as currently available, is completely free. And we want it to stay free.


We will create advanced features to support businesses in a more extended way. The advanced version with those add-ons will be subject to a charge.



Quovidis is often complementary.

Some visitors can be reluctant to give their email address, even when you’re rewarding them.

But more importantly, Quovidis opens a communication channel with your visitors so that you can promote events, specials, and why not send coupons and rebates.

Point it out to your visitors. Once they have their smartphones out, it’s just another fast scan to do for additional advantages.

We encourage you to open an account, print the tags and play internally with the system so you can experience Quovidis from the visitors’ point of view

Once tested, you can then use this account for production, just place the tags and let your visitors scan them.

You have to enter at least your name, an email and your country.

We suggest to upload your logo and an attractive background image.

You can also add your phone number and website as Quovidis can be used as a neat contact list of visited places for your customers.


We suggest one place tag per location because the specials, events and promotional messages can also be different per location.

Then they probably don’t know about Quovidis.

Show them your place tag with the QR code to the app stores and kindly suggest them to install it.

Remember, if they scanned your place tag, you’ll be able to keep in touch with them.

Yes, we suggest once per day.

Their app needs to remember when they’ve been at your place. So they will receive only the messages relevant to each of their visits time frame.


Visitors don’t need a network to scan your place tag, because all data is stored on the phone and no data is transmitted in or out.

Visitors will collect information about all the places they’ve been, once they are in mobile network or WiFi range, once per day.

You need internet access only to register, print out the place tags and define the messages.

No, we made it as simple as possible.

Quovidis is lightweight. It will work on basic phones.

You need access to the internet only once to register and define your messages, and a printer to print the tags.


Notifications are special messages in case an issue occurred at your place.

Notifications are rarely needed. In most cases, you will find a personal item forgotten at your place and will wish to notify the visitors of that day.

Notifications are shown differently in the app.

No, Quovidis helps you to keep an issue disclosed only to potentially concerned persons.

Only visitors that were present -24/+24 hours from the moment of the incident will be informed.

This helps you keep a good reputation for your business in case of more serious issues.

This can happen.

As we don’t know all possible situations and mistakes happen, we deliver notifications to all concerned persons who visited your place within the -24/+24 hour window from the incident.


You don’t actually send messages, but you post them, ready to be read by your visitors.

You can create two types of messages.

  1. Fixed date
    Those messages are neat for events or specials on a particular date.
  2. Relative to the visit time
    Those messages are great to thank your customers for their visit on the next day or encourage them to visit you after a month or two, completely automatically.

You can post text and an image.

You can thank the visitor for their visit, post information about upcoming specials and events, send promotions and coupons.

The content must be allowed by Swiss law. Please see our Terms of use for more details.

The number is not limited in principle.

Just remember that if you post too much your visitors can simply block all your messages. Be advised not to overuse the system.


The A4/letter format contains the place tag along with explanation and link to the apps. It can be printed on paper or sticker.

The place tag can be cut out if needed to be placed in restricted space.

We suggest to display at least one full place tag or to have copies to handle out to the visitors and so many cutout place tags as possible.

We suggest to display at least one full place tag or to have copies to handle out to the visitors and as many cutout place tags as possible.

Try to always place them on the pathway of your visitors. Mostly on places they need to stay for awhile.

You can print the tag on material that will stay physically in your place. Please don’t print it on flyers, ads and other material that you will distribute!

You can print the tag on your material as long as you have your name on it and you need to use at least the logo and the QR-code. We suggest you use the full tag wherever possible.

Example, you can integrate the tag into your menu.

Please do not publish the tag on your website, social media or any other online site, as it could lead people to scan it without being at your place!

However, we strongly support you to advertise your Quovidis usage.

Feel free to place the tags in anything, as long as they remain scannable.

The small tag will fit into a photo frame once it’s cut out.


We felt there is a gap between subscribing to newsletters or following a business on social media and just advertisements.

With Quovidis, privacy cautious persons can get direct news from the places they like, while staying 100% anonymous.

It’s an artificial name, created on a play on words from Latin.

“Quo vadis” means in Latin “where are you going”. “What you saw” is “Quod vidit”. However Quodvidit is hard to spell.


The basic Quovidis service, as currently available, is completely free. And we want it to stay free.

We will create advanced features to support businesses in a more extended way. The advanced version with those add-ons will subject to a charge.

If you want to support the idea, please share Quovidis with other local businesses, or even with your local authorities and organizations.


Your data is currently stored on a server in Germany, Europe, under strict GDPR compliance.

We will inform you in case we plan to migrate your data to another location.

No, it’s not part of our business to sell any user data.