100% anonymous

Quovadis? – Quovidis!

Quovidis is an app that allows you to receive messages from places you visited without giving away your identity.

Use the app at any place with standing out Quovidis tag. Scan the QR code and so “bookmark” each place you’ve been. Quovidis fetches messages later on for each place.

There is no registration, no tracking, no geo-positioning, no sharing, no automatic uploads. The data stays on your phone.

Use QUovidis to

Get messages from the places you visited

Enjoy the latest news and potential promotions while being 100% anonymous. Quovidis will pick up messages from the places you’ve visited. You have the option to switch them off.

Have a list of places you’ve been

Be ready for your next visit. Quovidis keeps a handy list of places you’ve been, with email, phone, web and address. It’s 100% private. The data stays on your phone and you can delete individual records.

How it works?

Short story

  1. Businesses create place tags with QR codes.
  2. When you scan those codes with the app – you quasi “bookmark” the place where you are.
  3. Once a day, the app fetches all info from all places you visited and displays messages and notifications.

Because the “bookmarks” are only on your phone and there is no registration nor transmission of your identity, your privacy is strictly respected.

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Why was Quovidis created?


There is a gap between subscribing to newsletters or following a business on social media, and just advertisement.

We feel that there is a need for a new kind of interaction. The one that offers customers the anonymity and freedom to choose not to be bothered with overwhelming ads all the time, but to be informed about their favourite businesses.

We wanted to create a system that provides you with the news but strictly respects your privacy.


These days it’s hard to filter all the information that suits your needs only. There is too much noise online and unnecessary data that funnel your perception on social media.

A quick scan of the places’ QR code will be enough. After you “bookmarked’ it, you have enriched the list of visited places inside the Quovidis app, ready to receive useful info that you chose to see, without usual distraction.

We wanted to create an app that holds your history of visited places, with all the news without the noise.

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